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County Credit Card Fraud – Public information release

Recent news reports concerning La Porte County Commissioner Willie Milsap's intern, Jontae Rogers making unauthorized credit card charges, listed only one specific fraudulent charge made to the NW Athletic Club in Michigan City. It is important that the public sees the other charges made to T-Mobile, Plnder.com, Apple, Zappos Shoes, Nordstrom and others. The news media has fallen very short on coverage of this story. Help me continue the fight for the People of La Porte County by electing me to County Council this Fall. Ray Wolff for La Porte County Council - District 4 Indiana

Public Information Request – Official Complaint

Back on April 1, 2014 I submitted an Open Records request for the following information from the County: • Copies of monthly LaPorte County credit card statements for all county credit cards. (Jan. 2012 – present statement) • Current County credit card usage policy and list of all current credit cardholders using LaPorte County credit cards. To date, my request has not been fulfilled. No credit card statements have been provided.  This complaint is contrary to statements recently made by La Porte County attorney Shaw Friedman on WCOE FM's Sound Off show where it was stated that there have been not complaints made for public information...

Need for Transparency

During my term on La Porte County Council, I will bring public transparency to all of La Porte County's financial information. Currently, it is impossible for the public to easily view the County's detailed financial information online and to determine if our money is being spent in a wise, efficient and prudent manner. I will make all county financial expenditures available online, easily viewed anytime, all shown down to the penny. Why? Because only through a full understanding of our County's financial issues can we come up with the BEST solutions to allow La Porte County to reach its full potential. By bringing to light how every one of ...