My plan starts by bringing transparency of all County financial transactions to all citizens of LaPorte County.  How?   Well the information already exists, the County has just not taken the steps to make this information easily available.  I will work to make this financial information available online, 24×7, for all to view.

The recent State Board of Accounts audit of LaPorte County pointed out many deficiencies and discrepancies with the financial condition of La Porte County.  I believe that by making all of this information transparent and easily viewable only then can Council and Commissioners make better and more informed decisions to improve efficiencies and to move La Porte County forward.

Independent Voice

With a shift in the makeup of the County Commissioners and County Council taking place that represents the voice of a few select individuals in our County, we are seeing less debate and the absence of hard questions being asked.  As the Libertarian Party candidate, I am not beholden to the Politics as Usual and the narrowed special interests that drive the current direction of La Porte County.

Streamlining Local Government and Improving Efficiency

In working in manufacturing and private sector for over 25 years, I will work to put my experience and expertise to use to find and target areas where citizens of La Porte County can get better use out of our tax dollars.  How often have heard about local government providing better service at lower costs to taxpayers?  Meanwhile businesses and enterprises in the Real World are required to become better and more efficient every day.   Time to bring this approach to La Porte County government.   The notion that a problem is best solved by throwing more money at it is no longer the Right solution.  It is time for county government to work smarter…..not larger!


Ray Wolff for La Porte County Council – District 4 Indiana