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There are a number of ways you can contribute to the campaign. Please select a donation specific item or make a General donation that will be used wherever is most needed. If you choose either to receive T-Shirts or Yard Signs we will do our best to get these into your hands ASAP.

$5 General Donation $5

Your total amount is : 5.00 (Currency: USD)

Wolff for Council 2 Yard Signs $15

Your total amount is : 15.00 (Currency: USD)

Facebook Ad to Over 3,000 People $20

Your total amount is : 20.00 (Currency: USD)

$25 General Donation $25

Your total amount is : 25.00 (Currency: USD)

Get 2 Wolff for Council t-shirts $30

Your total amount is : 30.00 (Currency: USD)

Fund 4 Radio Ads $60

Your total amount is : 60.00 (Currency: USD)

One week of online ads $100

Your total amount is : 100.00 (Currency: USD)

Custom Contribution Amount Custom

Your total amount is : 25.00 (Currency: USD)

You donation makes a BIG difference. With your help we can build a grass roots effort to change politics for the better here in La Porte County.

Frequent Questions
Can I donate more than once?
Yes, you may make multiple donations.
What is the payment method?
We accept donations using PayPal and all major credit cards.
Will you need my full name an address?
Only if you contribution is $100 or more will we need this information.
Will I get a receipt?
Yes, one payment is made you will receive a receipt via web page and/or email, which may be printed out for your records.