Public Information Request – Official Complaint

bb1_rdax_100Back on April 1, 2014 I submitted an Open Records request for the following information from the County:

• Copies of monthly LaPorte County credit card statements for all county credit cards. (Jan. 2012 – present statement)
• Current County credit card usage policy and list of all current credit cardholders using LaPorte County credit cards.

To date, my request has not been fulfilled. No credit card statements have been provided.  This complaint is contrary to statements recently made by La Porte County attorney Shaw Friedman on WCOE FM’s Sound Off show where it was stated that there have been not complaints made for public information.

Due to the amount of information requested, I did provide ample patience, understanding and months of time for my request to be completed. During recent communications with the County Auditor, at the recent County Council Budget hearings, I was told I would have my information in 1-2 weeks. Currently, emails and voice mail to the County Auditor have gotten no response.

To move my long overdue public information request forward, I now have been given not other option but to register a formal complaint with the Indiana State Public Access Counselor. The complaint was officially filed today.

As your next County Council member, I vow to do everything in my power to bring better openness and transparency to La Porte County government and how it operates. It should not require this sort of effort and time to make information public. Also our County officials should work expeditiously to fulfill such requests. Stonewalling and not answering the Public is NOT the right approach.

If you want to end the “Politics as Usual” here in a La Porte County, I need your vote! Please share your support with others.

Ray Wolff for La Porte County Council – District 4


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